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News: Art District Gallery by Bel-Air Fine Art

Our Art Gallery reopens its doors in collaboration with Bel-Air Fine Art.

The Art District Gallery of Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris reopens its doors in exclusive collaboration with the Bel-Air Fine Art group, which was founded 17 years ago. As one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Europe, its galleries are now followed by more than 30,000 art lovers, including 10,000 collectors, worldwide.  With 20 contemporary art galleries in Europe, the Bel-Air Fine Art group is known today by art lovers and collectors for the level of its artists and the quality of its advisory services.

Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris is one of the few hotels that fully opens its spaces to exhibit monumental works of art, not to mention its art gallery, which is open 6 days a week. It is therefore very natural that Bel-Air Fine Art has found sufficient space to present painters, sculptors and photographers from different artistic movements, whether post-pop art, street art, optical art or contemporary photography.

A first exhibition of Stéphane Cipre’s aluminium sculptures is already in place. This will be followed in early 2022 by the ‘Bigfoot’ works of Idan Zareski. In total, four thematic exhibitions will be held this year and will be featured in the gallery and in the public areas of the Palace. Monumental pieces by a specially selected artist in a “solo show” and a reminder with smaller pieces in the Art District will soon be installed.

Today, all the different departments of the hotel are impregnated with this cultural spirit through the Katara Cinema, the hundreds of works of art scattered throughout the hotel, the art bookstore La Librairie Des Arts, and the Art District Gallery. But it is also through the Art Concierge, Julie Eugène, that the Palace is bathed more than ever in this artistic atmosphere, an expert working in close collaboration with Bel-Air Fine Art team.

Art District Gallery
41 avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris
Tuesday – Sunday : 11am – 7pm
Closed on Mondays
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 75 27 48

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