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Agapé Yule log, an invitation to the magical world of Christmas markets

With the majestic Agapé Yule log, Pierre Hermé celebrates Christmas and the 10-year partnership with Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris. This unusual creation takes us into the magical world of Christmas markets. The Yule log leads into the workings of a Ferris wheel, made entirely from chocolate, filled with macarons, nougat, chocolate bonbons and caramels. With one turn of the crank, the Ferris wheel begins to rotate, offering up its treats in preparation for the entrance of the dessert.

“I wanted to make a log that’s incredible, just like our collaboration. Le Royal Monceau is my favourite hotel in Paris, I love spending time in the Bar Long or sharing a weekend brunch in the cosy setting of the restaurant.” Pierre Hermé

To mark this dual occasion, Pierre Hermé imagined a wintry log with gingerbread, lemon scents and the enchanting flavours of Christmas fruits. Oranges, prunes, Morello cherries, ginger, figs and candied apricots share the stage with pistachios and toasted almonds, adding irresistible flavours to this dessert. Melt-in-the-mouth gingerbread sets the tempo, followed by the fragrances of delicate lemon mousseline and zingy lemon jelly, coating the candied winter fruits. A divine moment of pleasure.



Melt-in-the-mouth gingerbread, tangy candied dried fruits, lemon mousseline cream

8 people: €250 (delivery within Paris included)

Available to order, exclusively at the Royal Monceau from 13 to 25 December

Upon reservation only:

+33 (0)1 42 99 88 82 –

La Bûche Agapé, une invitation dans le monde féerique des marchés de Noël



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