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The Alba white truffle has arrived!

The first white truffles of the season have arrived at Le Royal Monceau! To celebrate this sumptuous delicacy, the restaurant Il Carpaccio will offer a dedicated menu throughout the season.

Developed with the best certified Alba white truffles, this Italian-style menu consists of the traditional antipasti, primi piatti and secondi piatti, which have been completely revamped with truffles.

This exclusive culinary experience will start with a tasty sof boiled egg with white truffle followed by a risotto or tagliolini with truffle and cream of Parmesan. The next dish will showcase a tender veal villet filet with a cheese and truffle coating.

Finally, Pierre Hermé’s iconic “Infiniment Citron” lemon dessert will round out this sweet moment of culinary bliss.

Alba white truffle menu
290€ per person,
18€ per additional gram of truffle

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Tel. : +33 (0)1 42 99 88 12

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