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The ideal gift

Our concept store, La Librairie des Arts, presents a fine selection of gift ideas to treat your nearest and dearest with style and originality.

Entirely devoted to art, our concept store offers you this season a quirky and chic selection of gift ideas for all art amateurs.

Watersnake Backgammon – Le Royal Monceau
The Watersnake Backgammon is manufactured in a limited edition in a Parisian workshop. It makes an elegant gift for anyone who enjoys games of strategy.
€ 1 345

Vases «Les Pitres»
Like a small group of glass puppets, Les Pitres are all unique pieces made of glass and brass by the French designer Hellène Gaulier.
From €550 to €1 350

Royal Monceau Brooches
The Lustres and Porte-Bagage brooches were exclusively handcrafted for Le Royal Monceau to provide tasteful and original accessories.
€30 for the Porte-Bagage brooch and €44 for the Lustre brooch

Sebastian Copeland photographies
To mirror the ephemeral terrace, Royal Arctic, La Librairie des Arts invites you to dive into the world of ice through the spectacular shots of the French-English polar explorer Sebastian Copeland.
From € 6 500 to 18 000

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