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La Librairie de Arte

Un lugar que se hace eco de la programación artística y de la actualidad cultural mundial, esta librería cuenta con un catálogo de 700 obras e incluye objetos de artistas y arquitectos, ediciones limitadas y formatos originales.

Todo un lugar para el reencuentro y el intercambio cultural, La Librairie des Arts nos ofrece una selección muy especializada que se actualiza continuamente.

Todos los días de 11:30 a 19:00

Sarah Aghouiles
Email : sarah.aghouiles@raffles.com
Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 99 88 84


Productos de la librería

Les Petites Mains - Boris Chouvellon

If you recently passed by the Art Bookstore, you might have noticed this curious head whose open skull reflects a brilliant gold.

Spotted at Private Choice fair, each head is made of concrete and gold leaf, revealing its unique poetic and mysterious aura. The work of Boris Chouvellon roots in urban spaces. Browsing around the outskirts of cities, Boris Chouvellon is a witness and transmitter of gestures, rituals, moments of a living and bubbling world, which he transforms material and codes into the space of the workshop.

Price upon request.


The book showcases more than 1000 pictures highlighting her career and her life throughout 504 pages.

From her Childhood in Barbados, to her many concerts and travels around the world and most recently the launch of her brand “Fenty”, the book is a magnificent visual autobiography. Most of the pictures have never been published before.

This is a tailor-made book for all Rihanna’s fans and a perfect gift for friends or family at the cost of 140 euros. (Limited stock at the librairie des arts)


A balance of art and decoration, VOLTA’s hanging and standing mobiles are unique creations inspired by abstract art and 20th century aesthetic trends.

Price: from 129 to 275 €

Stéphane Plassier « Six-Reine de la Nuit »

The siren is born from a double inspiration, the ethereal imagery of angels and the legendary heritage fairies of the native Brittany of Stéphane Plassier. This candlestick is a soothing presence, which watches over young and old!

Price: 3 500€

Baptiste Debombourg « CESIUM XVII »

It is a unique work in broken mirrors presented on metal shelf containing other materials such as wood.

Price: 6 500€

Blue Pink by Go Segawa

The artist was born in 1970 in Saitama, Japan, today he lives and works in Paris. Since 1999, Go Segawa has been creating sculptures that mix drawing and volume.

7.5×7.5×7.5 cm
208 euros (Sold with its removable plexiglass base)

Las tazas Raynaud x Le Royal Monceau

La manufactura francesa de porcelana Raynaud ha realizado dos colecciones únicas para Le Royal Monceau. El modelo « Trophée », con un majestuoso venado puesto sobre un motivo a cuadros de tartán, lo transportará  a Escocia. La colección « Muybridge » muestra secuencias gráficas y modernas de animales corriendo. Ha sido inspirada en el inventor de la fotografía instantánea Eadweard Muybridge.
Precio : 215€ las dos tazas para café, 240€ las dos tazas para té.

Sculpture La Redoute - Baptiste Debombourg

Framed under plexiglass, those pieces of art are unique and made of paper extracted from the famous French magazine La Redoute.

28.5 x 22.5 x 5 cm

Price: 5 000 € each one

Bison Candle Holder by Hubert Le Gall

In burnished and polished bronze, the Bison candle holder reveals the great talent of the sculptor and designer Hubert Le Gall to surprisingly transform our world!

36 X W 31 X D 21 cm
Limited edition of 30 copies
Number 2/30
Price: 11 000 €