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Experience: Muse Society


Muse Society, launched in March 2023, is a women’s club co-created by Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris and its partners Alix and Claire Mougenot, founders of Luz Collections, which meets every month for events puttingwomen inthe spotlight.

These monthly get-togethers brings together a community of women from all walks of life dedicated to promoting kindness, success and solidarity. With a desire to create synergies, they share their stories and uplift each other in their personal and professional achievements around diverse themes such as art,entrepreneurship,fashion,technology,ecology…

It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas, far from a formal round table, during group discussions, workshops, conferences or even exclusive events at Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris around a different theme at each edition. The guests of Muse Society look forward to each of these events as an interlude created especially for them.
Muse Society is a club founded by women for women with a wide range of profiles, including inspirational women, entrepreneurs, influential women, award-winning womenand businesswomen.

First edition: Women of Light
Date: Wednesday 8 March 2023
Speaker: Elsa Wolinski
Profile: journalist, writer, committed woman involved in various associations
Format: conference at the Katara cinema, event in a Presidential Suite
Experiences: tarology, myBlend led mask, wellness workshop calligraphy, make-up workshop

Second edition: Cosmic Connection
Date: Wednesday 19 April 2023
Speaker: Nathalie Ros
Profile: astrologer and author
Format: conference at the Katara Cinema, sound-healing in a private room, event in a Presidential Suite
Experiences: creating a star chart, astrology, tarology and numerology workshops

Third edition: Nutrition 2.0
Date: Wednesday 24 May 2023
Speaker: Jessie Inchauspé (Glucose Goddess)
Profile: biochemist, nutrition researcher andauthor
Format: conference at the Cinéma Katara, event at Le Bar Long
Experiences: dietary animations echoing the method, dedicated to his latest book

Fourth edition: Local crafts
Date: Wednesday 28 June 2023
Speaker: Tatiana De Nicolay
Profile: fashion designer and illustrator
Format: lunch with 30 women on Matsuhisa’s terrace
Experiences: culinary experience, discussions on French fashion and crafts, fashion show

Fifth edition: The Art of Luxury
Date : Monday 10 July 2023
Partners: Caviar Volzhenka, Clarins (Precious), Cartier, Veuve Cliquot
Format: event at the restaurant Il Carpaccio
Experiences: workshops with the partners, tastings, treatments, demonstrations

Sixth edition: Women in Entrepreneurship
Date: Wednesday 30 August 2023
Speakers: Emilie Duchêne, Clio Goldbrenner
Coaches: BA&SH, Oh My Cream, Livy Studio,
Thea Jewerly, Manucurist, Gemmyo, Luz
Collections, Bliss Stories
Format: speed meeting with 8 coaches open to the public
Experiences: cocktail receptionand discussions

Seventh edition: Building your legend
Date: Tuesday 26 September 2023
Speaker: Laura Lesueur
Profile: international motivational speaker and lecturer
Format: talk at the Katara Cinema, cocktail reception in the private ballroom
Partners: Dior, Veuve Cliquot, Maison Nordique
Experiences: Dior beauty workshop, violinist, professional photo workshop

Eighth edition: Women in Art
Date: Tuesday 24 October 2023
Speaker: Marie-Stéphanie Servos et Cyrielle Gauvin
Profile: founder of @femmesdarts_, editors and authors
Format: cocktail reception at Le Bar Long
Experiences: book-signing session, brainstorming on the place of art in our lives

Ninth edition: Artificial Intelligence
Date: Wednesday 15 November 2023
Speaker: Agnès Perpitch-Dumas
Profile: art collector, artists’ agent
Format: screening at the Katara Cinema, cocktail in the ballroom
Partners: Canal +, Mediawan, EPC Champagne
Experiences: interview, discussion with artists and collectors

Tenth edition: Children’s Christmas
Date: Wednesday06 December 2023
Format: entertainment and tea party in a Presidential Suite
Partners: Balmain, Ouate, La Pelucherie, Les Ateliers de Macha, Maison Carrousel, Teepee Paris
Experiences: workshops for children, discovery of products for children, film screenings, culinary activities

Tenth (special) edition : Women in entrepreneurship
Date: Tuesday 12 December 2023
Speakers: Emilie Duchêne, Clio Goldbrenner
Coaches: Molli, Heimstone, Sœur, Le Bon
Marché, Wild & the Moon, La Bonne Brosse, Karolinski, Marie Lichtenberg
Format: speed meeting with 8 coaches open to the public
Sponsors : OSCO Apéritif, Winonette
Experiences: cocktail receptionand discussions

Eleventh edition: Women’s dinner with Juliette Longuet
Date: Tuesday 30 January 2024
Speaker: Juliette Longuet
Profile: Dior, The Kooples, Bobbi Brown, Nelly Rodi, Selency
Format: interview in a Suite, aperitif at Le Bar Long and intimate dinner at the restaurant Il Carpaccio

Twelfth edition: Women in fashion
Date: Tuesday 13 February 2024
Speaker: Yann Rivoallan
Format: conference at the Katara Cinema,
cocktail receptionin the private ballroom
Experiences: discussion on the future of
fashion, Q&A

Thirteenth edition : Collection launch Olympia Le Tan x Soledad Brav
Date : Wednesday 14 March
Speaker : Soledad Bravi
Format: Presentationof the collection at Le Bar Long with a sweet buffet

Forteenth edition : Legend Ladies
Date : Tuesday 26 March 2024
Speakers : Laura Lesueur, Sarah Lavoine (French designer), Cécile Hernandez (Paralympic snowboard athlete) and Marion Darrieutort (CEO of The Arcane consultancy))
Format : conference at the Katara Cinema, cocktail reception in the private ballroom
Experiences : discussion on the theme “Become Oneself”, Q&A

Coming up in 2024:
Fourteenth edition: Art & Women
Sixteenth edition : Womenin Technology
Seventeenth edition: Les Femme dans la CSR

Phone: +33 (0)1 42 99 88 00

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