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News: Anne-Sarah Benichou Exhibition

For Art Paris 2024, Le Royal Monceau - Raffles Paris is collaborating with the Anne-Sarah Benichou gallery.

A passionate young gallery owner, Anne-Sarah Benichou is well known for bringing the new French contemporary art scene to the fore.

This exhibition, in the heart of the most contemporary Palace, presents the work of four young artists: Mireille Blanc, Chourouk Hriech, Yann Lacroix and Juliette Minchin.

Founded in 2016 in the Marais district of Paris, Anne-Sarah Benichou Gallery represents French and international artists, both emerging and established. Anne-Sarah’s talent and determination make her one of the few young gallery owners to be invited to Art Basel.

Mireille Blanc is a French painter who works on the enigmatic aspect of the subjects she encounters. The artist tries to make the original subject in the motifs she paints disappear by insisting on details and modifying the relationships of scale, for example by enlarging small elements in order to lose the viewer in the image and to blur the context. This artistic process, which focuses on the indeterminacy of the elements treated, allows a new reality to emerge by erasing the primary subject.

Chourouk Hriech draws exclusively in black and white, like a walk through space and time. His works, on paper, on walls and on the objects that surround us, invite us to contemplate architecture old and new, real and imaginary, characters, animals, plants and chimeras. Her drawings articulate and interweave urban and everyday motifs, serenely following the mad rush of the world, like a desire for resistance and utopia.

A graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in scenography and the Beaux-Arts de Paris, Juliette Minchin works in sculpture, installation, video and drawing. She stages her works by working with materials.
Wax now occupies a central place in her work: reactivated ad infinitum, the same wax is used and recast to inhabit other works, like a soul leaving one body for another.
The fictional spaces created by Juliette Minchin can be seen as ritual places. The repertoire of hieratic and sacred forms she borrows from archetypes common to different cultures evokes animistic, mystical or spiritual reflexes in the viewer, introducing a form of transcendence into the heart of the material.

Yann Lacroix was born in 1986. He lives and works in Paris. He paints exclusively, creating landscapes, sometimes populated by ghostly figures, creating a utopian, fantastical iconography inspired by memories of his travels, the potential memory of these silent places and the history of painting. Like metaphors for the process of memory, Yann Lacroix’s works superimpose blurred spaces and areas of particularly precise detail, the intensity of which contrasts with the visual blurring of other areas of the canvas. His pictorial practice focuses mainly on landscapes.

Exhibition in collaboraiton with Anne-Sarah Benichou Gallery
From 26 March 2024 to 28 April 2024
Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris

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