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News : Oscar de la Renta exhibition

Couture in the heart of the Palace.

To celebrate Paris Couture Week, Oscar de la Renta is proudly exhibiting some of its Couture dresses in the most contemporary Palace.

‘My role as a designer is to do everything I can to make a woman look her best. Fashion is only fashion when a woman wears it’. Oscar de la Renta.

Oscar de la Renta was an iconic fashion designer whose legacy continues to shine in the industry today. Born in the Dominican Republic in 1932, he quickly conquered the fashion world with his talent and unique vision. His brand DNA is imbued with elegance, sophistication and a touch of glamour.

Oscar de la Renta’s distinctive style is a refined blend of European tradition and Latin American charm. Its creations are designed to enhance the feminine silhouette with fluid lines and graceful draping, while preserving a certain dose of femininity and sensuality. Attention to the smallest details is a major characteristic of the house. Each piece is carefully designed and crafted with meticulous attention. Intricate embroidery, delicate pearls and luxurious appliqués are all part of its creative repertoire.

The Oscar de la Renta brand has always embodied understated luxury and timeless sophistication. It has attracted a prestigious clientele of influential and elegant women, including celebrities, politicians and members of high society. The brand’s DNA is based on the idea of offering every woman clothes that underline her femininity and individuality.

Today, the Oscar de la Renta brand continues to thrive while maintaining its heritage and DNA. Today’s collections pay homage to the classic aesthetics while incorporating contemporary elements and remaining true to the spirit of sophistication and elegance that has always defined the brand.

The exhibition will run from Monday 3 to Monday 10 July 2023, in the Lobby of the most contemporary Palace.

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