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Terms & Conditions

Terms of use and legal notices for Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris website:

General information about this website:

You are logged in to the official Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris website. By accessing this site, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions. This website is the exclusive property of Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, hereafter known as “RM,” a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 1 million euros, FR28479829582. The company is listed on the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number B 479 829 582 RCS PARIS, with registered offices at 24 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris. The purpose of the website is to provide operational information about RM free of charge. It also sets out the hotel’s product offer.

The use of this website is subject to the regulations currently in force and to the provisions set forth herein. Internet Explorer© 8 or later and Netscape© 7 or later offer the most optimal user experience. RM cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages, loss or costs resulting from the use of its website, or the inability of a third party to access it, or any malfunction, interruption, or virus, or any problem with a line or system. Furthermore, when using this website you acknowledge having been informed that the RM site is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the event of force majeure, server problems, issues with the telecommunications network infrastructure or other technical difficulties. RM may interrupt access to its website for maintenance purposes, in which case it will give users advance warning to the extent that this is possible. Content on this site may be modified at any time without notice.

General information about services:

The information given on this website is indicative only and RM does not guarantee its accuracy. RM is not contractually bound by any of this information. The hotel declines all responsibility for any decisions that might be made on the basis of this information. Website users therefore recognise that they bear sole responsibility for whatever use they make of this information. RM uses all means at its disposal to provide users with reliable and verified information and/or tools, but cannot be held responsible for any errors, unavailability of information or products, or the presence of any virus on its site.

Data privacy and protection:

Protecting and respecting your personal data has always been one of our priorities. With the General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect, we have taken this opportunity to update our personal data protection policy.

For further information, please contact us directly at or consult the personal data protection charter of the AccorHotels group:

The Data Protection Officer
Le Royal Monceau-Raffles Paris
37 Avenue Hoche
75008 Paris


The overall structure and all elements that can be viewed on the site (text, logos, illustrations, photographs, graphics, films, audio, expertise), as well as all other components of this site, are the exclusive property of Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris (or its partners in the case of downloadable software). Any total or partial reproduction of this site, by whatever means, without the express authorisation of Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris is prohibited and constitutes a violation of intellectual property as set out in articles L 335-2 (and subsequent articles) of the French Intellectual Property Code. It is therefore expressly prohibited to reproduce, sell, or disclose all or any of this site, or use it in any form whatsoever, without prior permission from Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris. This also applies to any databases that may appear on the site, which are protected under the provisions of the 1 July 1998 Law transposing the European directive of 11 March 1996 relating to the legal protection of databases into France’s Intellectual Property Code. The trademarks of the website operator, its commercial partners and clients, as well as the logos appearing on the site, are registered. It is therefore forbidden under the terms of article L.713-2 of the French Intellectual Property Code to reproduce these trademarks or logos, whether fully or partially, using elements that can be viewed on the site, without the explicit authorisation of the website operator.


The website’s hyperlinks to other Internet resources, notably our commercial partners and/or clients, have received explicit written approval.

By activating a hyperlink, users recognise they are accessing a new website and that the information available there no longer falls within the scope of these Terms of Use.

Applicable law:

This entire website is governed by French legislation on copyright and intellectual property. In the event of a dispute, the competent jurisdiction is the Paris Commercial Court (Tribunal de Commerce de Paris).

Publisher: Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris, 24 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris

Website host:

© Le Royal Monceau 2012 – All rights reserved

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