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Gourmet Easter festivities with fun Easter workshop for budding artists

by Royal Monceau Raffles Paris on 03/11/2015 | Food News

chocolat-php-230-229This year, for Easter, why not treat yourself and your family to our delicious Royal Brunch? The ultimate gourmet brunch in Paris, served in the contemporary decor of our gastronomic restaurant La Cuisine.

And while you’re feasting on gourmet delicacies and Pierre Hermé pastries, your little ones could be having loads of fun at our Easter-egg decorating workshop!

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Information and booking:
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by Royal Monceau Raffles Paris on 01/15/2015 | Food News

rmo-5-salad-clarins-230-229Enjoy a taste of winter! It’s the start of another year of creativity and exquisite flavours with the now famous My Blend salad by Clarins on the menu of the Bar Long.

For lunch, or between appointments, drop by and enjoy the emblematic, healthy My Blend salad by Dr Olivier Courtin. Served on a plate, a taste of the sea and the land. An exceptional gourmet landscape of pearly beech-smoked Brittany scallops, coral-powdered potato crisps, winter lamb’s lettuce salad and, hidden beneath this beautiful ensemble, a condiment of celeriac cream with regional black truffle, all generously sprinkled with exquisitely aromatic grated tuber…

It’s a feast for the eyes, then a feast for the palate.

The expert opinion of Dr Olivier Courtin-Clarins: “It’s a complete meal which makes the perfect lunch. It has everything: animal proteins and trace elements (shellfish), vegetable proteins (truffle), carbohydrates (potato, in a small amount), amino acids, vitamins and antioxidants… lamb’s lettuce in particular is an excellent source of beta-carotene and should be eaten every day in winter!” … and Laurent André : “I’m always amazed by the treasures of nature. We have everything here, in France, to satisfy two pleasures which I always try to reconcile: the pleasures of delicious food and staying slim… And all that as part of a hectic lifestyle. What personally gives me pleasure is to create new healthy and delicious combinations.

The My Blend winter salad by Olivier Courtin-Clarins is served every day at the Bar Long, from 12 midday to 3pm (44€)

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Ph. : +33 (0)1 42 99 98 90 – Email :

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Bar Chocolat by Pierre Hermé Paris

by Royal Monceau Raffles Paris on 11/17/2014 | Food News

rmo-barachocolat-230-229I like the idea of sharing my world, where cocoa is the kingPierre Hermé

Bring on the chocolate! This year to celebrate Winter, Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris is launching its very own chocolate bar by Pierre Hermé – known as “the Picasso of pastry” – who oversees all the pâtisserie at the Palace hotel on avenue Hoche.

From 13 November the deeply stylish Bar Long, designed by Philippe Starck, will be transformed into a homage to chocolate. Pierre Hermé has dreamed up new and wonderful ways of savouring this moreish delight especially for the occasion. Expect new chocolate sensations, textures and flavour combinations – every taste a divine immersion in chocolate pleasure.

The hardest part is knowing where to begin, but a steaming cup of hot chocolate is not a bad place to start. This is liquid chocolate heaven: Pierre Hermé has created four different hot chocolate drinks, each with its own original flavour:

– ORIGINEL – go back to the origins of cocoa with the flavours of pepper, grains and corn foam
– VIENNOIS – pure indulgence. A chocolate drink made with chantilly cream
– COMME AU 16ÈME SIÈCLE – warmed by the spices of South America
– WHISKY CHOCOLAT – rich with the perfumes and aromas of pure malt whisky, cocoa liqueur and whisky cream

For dessert Pierre Hermé has masterminded four totally indulgent treats which are guaranteed to put everyone in the Winter spirit.
– DÉLIRE DÉLICE INFINIMENT PRALINÉ NOISETTE – made with choux pastry, smooth hazelnut cream, caramelised hazelnuts, praline ice cream and hazelnut praline sauce
– AZUR – a journey through flavours, textures and temperatures. This special chocolate mousse is made with Grand Cru Manjari smooth cream and adorned with a chocolate shortbread biscuit, candied Kochi yuzu, thin slices of dried lime and yuzu sauce
– PLÉNITUDE MILLEFEUILLES- created from caramelized puff pastry, Grand Cru Araguani chocolate mascarpone cream, salted butter caramel and dark chocolate slivers with fleur de sel

And finally indulge in a chocolate trilogy:
– MENTHE FRAÎCHE – Grand Cru Caraibe chocolate cream and fresh mint granita
– INCA – Grand Cru Caraibe hot chocolate ganache, avocado and bananas compote
– ROUGE & NOIR – Grand Cru Manjari chocolate cream, Grand Cru Manjari, chantilly cream and crispy fruits in balsamic vinegar gelée

Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris ‘Bar Chocolat by Pierre Hermé Paris’ is available at Le Bar long from November 13, 2014 until April 30, 2015
3pm- 6pm Drinks start from € 14 and desserts Pastries from €21

Information and booking:
Ph. : +33 (0)1 42 99 98 50 – Email :

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